Good Night

10 Good Night Sms For Boss

1. Ur dream determines Ur goals,
Ur goals map out Ur actions,
Ur actions create results,
And the results bring u success.!
Good Nite Sir

2. Y Do V Close Our Eyes?
Wen V Pray
Wen V Cry
Wen V Dream
Bcoz The Most Beautiful Things
In Life R Unseen & Felt Only By HEART..
Good Night

3. Since your eyes are looking tired, let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours.
May you have a very happy journey into the world of dreams.
Good Night!

4. Night is the nice gift
so close ur eyes & open the gift
u see another world waiting 4u…
GòóD night..

5. A night of peaCe,
A dream of Love,
A moment of rest,
A feeling of satisfaction,
A sound sleep with a joyfull Heart is my wish for you tonight.
´ *´GuD NyT ´*´

6. Dreams tOuch yOur heart and sOul
it is a magical memOry that
unites fantasy and reality
HOpe U’ll have the
sweetest dream tOnight
GoOd Night

7. Black sky wd sweet solo moon,
wd millions of stars brings U
silent hours 2 take a nice rest.
good night.

8. . + .’ + ) .+
+ ____+ ‘ +
/ ___^__\ .;’;’;,
,,|__0_I I_,,,)(,,,
Night finally arrived!
so b4 u sleep, i’d like 2 wish u…

Good Nite!

9. The moon is sailing in sky,
with out any noise or shy,
It comes at night,
but looks so bright,
Itnever comes at noon,and disappears soon. GN

10. As the day ends it’s time to say good night. Sun is setting and stars are shining its time to wish tonight.. Good Night

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