Good Morning My Life

17 Morning Wishes For My Love

1. I never wanted to blow up your phone and disturb your beautiful sleep honey. So I just stood beside this bed and texted you ‘I Love You’ so you can see it when you finally open your cute eyes.Good Morning

2. Waking up and turning over to kiss your face while you are still deep in your sleep has been my greatest hobby babe!Good Morning

3. Saying Gudmorning is not a Formality or Due to free msg,
Its the art of Saying that
I remember u in
“My first minute of the Day..

4. There r many stars but d Moon is U,
There r many friends but d Best is U,
To forget Me is up to U,
To forget U is something I’ll never do!
Good Morning!

5. A night hug warms the heart,
A night kiss brightens the day,
& a good morning to start your day!

6. Early to bed, Early to rise
it makes ur girlfrend escape with
other guys
Gud mrng

7. Rest ur head right on me,
feel my heart beat,
& u will see,
tat tis girl,
adores U passionately
Loves U crazily. »-(¯`·.·´¯)-» Gud Mrng

8. I’m missing u knw.
I need u knw.
I make up mah mind.
I can’t forget u anyhow.
bt i can feel u all around.
cuz i luv u knw!!!
Gud mrng mah life!!!!!

9. You’re mah strength….
You’re mah world….
You’re mah beautiful poem….
Which always mah lonlyness heard….!!!
gud mrng

10. Beautiful lines told by a boy after proposing to a girl
” take ur own tym but dont take my life time”…
gud mrng

11. I love 2 things in my life WORK & YOU
I Hate one thing in my life WORK WITHOUT YOU

12. If a raindrop wud mean “I love U”
& U wud ask me
how much I love U
I bet U that it would rain all day GM

13. At least I know what love is. Like clouds love the sky, ocean loves sand, winter loves snow, snow loves breeze, it’s all connected. It’s called unconditional love. It’s in our heart. Gud Morning

14. It is near abt 8:00 am and I send u A garden öf
roses specially delivered tö wish you a very very
Good morning Darling

15. Loving you could take my life, but when I look into your eyes, I know you’re worth that sacrafice! Have fantastic Day…

16. What ever you say, what ever you do, I will always love you. Have bright N beautiful day beloved.

17. I was on a ship thinking of U… wen I looked down, I dropped a tear into the ocean.. Then I promised myself that until someone not finds it, I won’t forget U… Good Morning

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