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9 Cute Friendship Sms

1. Good pillars makes best support,
And so are your loving care to my life.
Through my shaky steps, you were there!
I am glad I am in the cycle of your friends…

2. He is closer than a relation,
Gives more than a helping hand
He is caring and loving…
He is the best of friends.
And He is the awesome you.

3. She is so sweet and loving
She is more than a sister or brother.
She is so sacrificial and selfless…
She is no one else but the lovely you.

4. I could thank you for a helping hand,
I could thank you for a need you met,
I could thank you for staying with me,
But above it all, thank you for being my friend.

5. Some friends are better than lovers,
And are better than family members.
Among these, I found you as one.
May our friendship last forever.

6. May the knot of our friendship never cut,
May the fountain of our happiness never dry.
May our relationship never soiled.
May we be best of friends together forever.

7. Our friendship is like a flower,
It will flourish forever,
Our friendship is like a fountain,
It will sprout forever and ever,
And like an ocean,
It will flow forever.

8. More of me, more of you.
More in wealth and in health
Best Friends together,
So shall we be.

9. Nutrient is the heart of wellness
Love is the heart of great friendship…
So much of this have you shown,
And so I love being called your friend.

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