I Promise I Love U-m5

15 Promise Sms For Girlfriend

1. When the going gets tough, I choose to stand by you. Pledging my undying love, I promise to ever stay with you.

2. We won’t be worst of enemies never but I will forever remain the best friend of you. I love you.

3. When your love gives little and even when it gives nothing, I will ever pledge my allegiance to you. I wouldn’t do less because I do love you.

4. I am ever with you with my passion unwavering. Clinging more in love to you and my devotion unswerving. I love you.

5. I didn’t just allow my tongue and lips to blab. When I say I love you, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

76. The day you have the idea of how much I love you is the very day my love would mean nothing to you anymore. Don’t want this to happen!

7. You might not mean everything to me. But you mean a dream come true and destiny fulfilment to me. I love you.

8. Under any kind of weather, come what may, I will stand by you. I love you.

9. Your love is worth being kept forever and it sure a promise I will keep. I love you.

10. I wouldn’t let this joy end. I wouldn’t let this moments of bliss bid its goodbye. I stay forever with you, for I don’t want to lose you.

11. I choose to stay and stand with you forever, because it’s worth it all the way! I love you.

12. Even if all relationships don’t last, I see ours going till eternity. I love you.

13. This love will be until the end of time, because true and undying love is what do bind us. I love you.

14. You have always been my prime source of joy since then. I wish this tends to eternity. I love you.

15. I have talked enough. It’s time for action. Prepared to love you and stop once it’s a day after eternity. See how long that will take? Love you.

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