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16 Lonely Sms

1 Yet It Forces Me To be
I Once Was Alive
Now I Just Survive .

2. Ask me how many times
My heart has been broken
And I will tell you to look in the sky
And count the stars.

3. Be slow in choosing a friend & slower while loosing them
Bcoz friendship is not an opportunity its a sweet responsibility.

4. Because I never really had you at all,
I didn’t think it would hurt this much to lose you
And now, all that I ever held dear is just a memory.

5. Break my heart ,destroy my soul
And leave me crying
I’d still love you
And i won’t expect you to
Love me in return …

6. Don’t ever give up
If you still want to try,
Don’t ever wipe your tears
If you still want to cry.
Don’t ever settle for an answer
If you still want to know.
Don’t ever say you don’t love him
If you can’t let him go.

7. Don’t ever regret your love…
Bcoz one day she will find that
She lost a diamond while she was busy in collecting more stones

8. Don’t say we’re not right for each other,
The way I see it,
We’re not meant for anyone else.

9. Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

10. Falling in love is awfully simple,
But falling out of love is simply awful.

11. Forever, you promised
Forever, a lie
You promised the moon
And the stars in the sky..

12. Good judgement comes from experience.
Unfortunately, the experience usually come from bad judgement.

13. Great mind contains ideas and reasons;
Scientific mind contains formulas and figures;
My mind contains only U my Sweet Heart!

14. Heart Touching Quote:
I Remember Him Not As The One Who Broke MY HEART..
But As The One Who Taught Me How To Live With A BROKEN HEART…..!

15. I always think of You as the Sun.
I pray your Dreams Will Shine on all men.
Everything you Desire will Come True and I will ALWAYS Love You and be with You.

16. I hide my tears when I say ur name,
But the pain in my heart is still the same
Although I Smile n Seem Care free,
There ia no 1 Who misses u more than ME!

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4 Touchy Broken Heart Sms

1. BREAKUPS Aren’t Always
Meant To Make Up,
Sometimes They Happen To
Give You A Chance To WAKE UP..

2. Most hurting Line by a true Love:
If U will leave me,
I prOmise U will cOme back Once
with ur OPEN EYES to see my CLOSED EYES..!!

3. Each drop of a Tear is Costly
than anything in World..
No One knows its value
until they have it in their own eyes
For Someone..

4. COMPROMISING” doesn’t mean that
your are wrong and someone is right,
it only means that
you value your “RELATIONSHIP”
much more then your “EGO”..

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18 Sad Heartbroken Sms

1. Every heart has a pain. Only the way of expressing it is different. Fools hide it in eyes, while the brilliant hide it in their smile.

2. As we go on
We remember all the times we had together.
And as our life changes come whatever
We will still be “friends forever”

3. Among ur frens i care 4 u da most, among ur frens i lov u da most, among ur frens u hurt me d most coz�.i know dats all im 2 u� among ur frens..

4. An Inspiring Fact:
If You Can Still Smile
When U R Completely Broken Up,
There Can B Nothing
That Can Break U Next Time!

5. U Promsd 2 Take Care Of Me Bt U Hurt Me,
U Promsd Me 2 Brng Me Joy Bt U Brought Me Tears,
U Promsd Me Ur Luv Bt U Gave Me PAIN… ME?
I Promsd U Nothing But I Gave U Everything!

6. Love Hurts When You Break Up With Some One.
Hurts Even More When Someone Breaks Up With You But Love Hurts The Most When The Person, You Love Has No Idea How You Feel.

7. It doesn’t make sense to let go of something
you had for so long,
It also doesn’t make sence to hold on
When there’s actually nothing there”.. !

8. Nice Saying from a Broken Heart
“I’ll Continue My Love
Even If My Love Fails ‘Coz,
How would I hate the heart
which made me to Love more than My Life”.. !

9. Time, Health, Friends and Relations,
Do not come with a price tag,
But when we lost them,
We Realize the cost.
So, Treat them carefully.

10. OncE A Guy wHo recenTLy hAd a brEaKoff with Her giRL friend
was aSkEd ….HAv U leFt uR girL frieNd or sHe left u???
He smileD And answerED..
L0vE LefT us!!!

11. L0ve hUrTS wHen U brEak uP wid s0mE 0nE huRTs eVen m0rE whEN s0mE 0nE brEaks uP U…

12. 1 stone is enuf to break a glass,
1 sentence is enuf to break a heart,
1 second is enuf to fall in luv..
& 1 sms is enuf to keep relation in touch..
Take care!

13. Don’t Ever Regret Your Love…
Bcoz One Day She Will Find That
She Lost A Diamond
While She Was Busy In Collecting More Stones

14. When You Have
Loved Unconditionally
One Person
Lost That Love …
It Leaves A Wound
That Never Heals
A Sad & Broken
Heart , A Void Forever

15. A break up is like a broken mirror.
It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.

16. Lover’s Last Words:
“My Absence May Not Make Any Difference To You.
But I Know I Loved You Truly
Won’t Give The Same Moments To AnyOne New.”;-(

17. Heart Touching Lines By Broken Heart:
If It Was to Gift Me Silence
Why Did You Please Me With Hour Long Talks
If It Was to Push Me Back to Lonliness
Why Did You Force Me Out Of It.. !

18. After He Broke My Heart My Friends Asked,
“How Many Reasons Do You Have To Still Love Him?”
I Pointed To The Stars & Said “Start Counting.”?

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10 Breakup Sms

1. Time, Wellness, Buddies and Interaction,
Do not come with a price tag,
But when we lost them,
We Recognize the price…!

2. Sometime giving someone second chance
is giving them an extra bullet for the gun
because they missed you the first time.

3. BREAKUPS Aren’t Always
Meant To Make Up,
Sometimes They Happen To
Give You A Chance To WAKE UP..

4. Loneliness Has Taught Me
Everything In Dis World
Except How To Forget
The Person Who Made Me

5. Most Touching Lines Said
By A True Lover To His
Love While Break Up:
Of All The Lies You Told Me,
”I Love You”
Was My Favourite’ ..!

6. Hereby standing here.
telling you that you’re the
worst guy i ever met.and i
hope this would be the
first and the last time
i’m going to say this.

7. BREAKUP Aren’t Always
Meant To Make Up,
Sometimes They Happen To
Give You A Chance To WAKE UP..!

8. She broke his heart and yelled out to him
He stood there in agony, and whispered..
“but you are My Life”.. !

9. The hardest part of losing someone
is when you know that they are
happier without you,
and you want them to be happy,
so you let them go.

10. A Nice Line Said By A Broken
“Plz Dont Come One More Time
Infront Of Me,
Trust U Again”..

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10 Heartbroken Sms In 4 Lines (Hindi)

1. Woh To Deewane The Jo Tanha Chhor Gaye
Wo Na Ruk Sake To Ankho Mein Apna Saaya
Chhor Gaye Hume Gham Hai Is Baat Ka Ke
Woh Dil Se Kiya Wada, Hathon Se Tor Gaye…

2. Dil ki udasiyun ko mitaya na ja saka.
Ek teri yaad thi k bhulaya na ja saka.
Hum ne ki lakh koshish, hazaron kiye jatan.
Palkon pe ansoon ko bithaya na ja saka

3. Waqt Badalta hai Zindagi ke Sath,
Zindagi badalti hai Waqt ke Sath.
Waqt nahi badalta apno ke sath,
bas apne badlte hain waqt ke saath..

4. Yaado Me Teri Tanha Baithe Hay
Tere Bina Labo Ki Hasi Gawa Baithe Hay
Teri Duniya Me Andhera Na Ho..
Isliye Khud Ka Dil Jala Baithe Hay

5. Jis ke liye sab kuch luta diya humne,
wo kehte hai unko bhula diya humne,
gaye the hum unke aansu pochne,
ilzam de diya ki unko rula diya humne..!!

6. kisi khubsurat chehre pe aitbar mat krna.
Tod denge tera dil kabhi izhar mat karna.
Mar jana yaad mein kisi ki.Par kisi se kabhi
pyar mat karna.

7. Tark e taluqat ka tu mat kahu humein
tum sa kahan koi bhi hamari nazar mein hai..

8. Aankhen hansti hai magar dil
yeh rota hai,
Mante hai jise hum manzil apni,
Humsafar uska koi aur hota hai…….

9. Har ek muskurahat muskaan nahi hoti,
nafrat ho ya mohabbat asaan nahi hoti,
ansoo gham ke aur khushi ke ek jaise hote hai,
inki pehchan asaan nahi hoti…

10. Chup Hontho ki juban ye ansoo
hote hain
Jo chup rahte hain fir bhi
behte hain
Aur in aasuon ki kismat to
Ye unke liye behte hain jo
in ankhon mein rehte hain..

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11 Emotional Broken Heart Image -mn1

1. Raat Ke Andhere Me Sara Jahan
Sota Hi, Kisi Ki Yaad Me Ye
Dil Rota Hai, Khuda Kare Kisi
Par Koi Fida Na Ho, Agar Ho
To Maut Se Pahle Juda Na Ho.

2. Aakhri Baar Tere Pyaar Ko Sajda
Kar Lu, Lout Ke Phir Teri Mehfil
Mein Nhi Aaunga, Apni Baarbaad
Mohabbat Ka Janaza Le Kar, Teri
Duniya Se Bohat Durr Chala Jaunga.

3. Na Meri Koi Manzil Hai Na Kinara,
Tanhai Meri Mehfil Aur Yaadein
Mera Sahara, Tum Se Bichadar Ke
Kuch Yun Waqt Guzara, Kabhi Zindagi
Ko Tarse Kabhi Maut Ko Pukara.

4. Log Poochte Hain Kyon Surkh Hain
Tumhari Aankhein, Hans K Keh Deta
Hu Raat So Na Saka, Lakh Chahoon
Bhi Magar Yeh Keh Na Saku, Raat
Rone Ki Hasrat Thi Magar Ro Na Sake.

5. Kabhi Ro Ke Muskuraye, Kabhi Muskura
Ke Roye, Jab B Teri Yaad Aai Tujhe
Bhula Kar Roye, Ek Tera Hi To Naam
Tha Jise Hazar Baar Likha, Jitna Likh
Ke Khush Hue Usse Jyada Mita Kar Roye!

6. Teri Chahat Ki Agar Har Khawhish,
Mere Ansuon Se Puri Ho
Jaye To, Muje Kasam Hai
Us Khuda Ki Ae Dost Mere
Honthon Par Kabhi Hansi Na Aaye.

7. Tanhai Le Jati Hai Jaha Tak Yad
Tumhari, Wahi Se Shuru Hoti Hai
Zindagi Hamari, Nahi Socha Tha
Chahenge Tumhe Is Qadar, Par Ab
To Ban Gaye Ho Tum Kismat Hamari.

8. Aaj Aapki Yaad Ko Seene Se Laga
Ke Roye, Apne Sapno Me Aapko
Paas Bula Ke Roye, Hazaron Baar
Pukara Aapko Tanhaiyon Me, Aur
Har Baar Aapko Pas Na Paakar Roye.

9. Tu Ne Nafrat Se Jo Dekha To Mujhe
Yaad Aya, Kese Rishte Teri
Khatir Yunhi Tor Aya Hun, Kitne
Dhundle Hain Ye Chehre Jinhe
Apnaya Hai Kitni Ujli Thi
Wo Aankhen Jinhe Chor Aya Hun.

10. Pyaar Se Bas Itna Hi Sahi, Tera
Bas Ho Geya Deedar Bas Itna Hi
Sahi, Tera Aashiq Hun Tumne Humein
Chaha Na Sahi, Kabhi Mujhko
Pehchaan Liya Bas Itna Hi Sahi!

11. Is Benaam Se Rishte Ko Nibha Jao
Kisi Din, Jo Mil Jaye Fursat To
Paas Aao Kisi Din, Milta Hai Sabhi
Ko Sab Kuch Ye Suna Hai, Mujhe
To Faqat Tum Hi Mil Jao Kisi Din.

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14 Hindi Broken Heart Sms For Her

1. तू तो हँस हँसकर जी रही है,
जुदा होकर भी..
कैसे जी पाया होगा वो,
जिसने तेरे सिवा जिन्दगी कभी सोची ही नहीं..

2. जो नजर से गुजर जाया करते हैं,
वो सितारे अक्सर टूट जाया करते हैं,
कुछ लोग दर्द को बयां नहीं होने देते,
बस चुपचाप बिखर जाया करते हैं।

3. सब कुछ मिला सुकून की दौलत न मिली,
एक तुझको भूल जाने की मोहलत न मिली,
करने को बहुत काम थे अपने लिए मगर,
हमको तेरे ख्याल से कभी फुर्सत न मिली।

4. मोहब्बत की तलाश मैं निकले हो तुम
अरे ओ पागल…
मोहब्बत खुद तलाश करती है…
जिसे बर्बाद करना हो|

5. देख कर मेरा नसीब मेरी तक़दीर रोने लगी,
लहू के अल्फाज़ देख कर तहरीर रोने लगी,
हिज्र में दीवाने की हालत कुछ ऐसी हुई,
सूरत को देख कर खुद तस्वीर रोने लगी।

6. बेताब से रहते हैं उसकी याद में अक्सर,
रात भर नहीं सोते हैं उसकी याद में अक्सर,
जिस्म में दर्द का बहाना सा बना कर,
हम टूट कर रोते हैं उसकी याद में अक्सर।

7. खुद को कुछ इस तरह तबाह किया,
इश्क़ किया क्या ख़ूबसूरत गुनाह किया,
जब मुहब्बत में न थे तब खुश थे हम,
दिल का सौदा किया बेवजह किया|

8. चलो हम गलत थे ये मान लेते है..
ऎ जिंदगी..
पर एक बात बता क्या वो शख्स सही था
जो बदल गया इतना करीब आने के बाद!!

9. हर सितम सह कर कितने ग़म छिपाये हमने,
तेरी खातिर हर दिन आँसू बहाये हमने,
तू छोड़ गया जहाँ हमें राहों में अकेला,
बस तेरे दिए ज़ख्म हर एक से छिपाए हमने|

10. वफ़ा पर हमने घर लुटाना था लेकिन,
वफ़ा लौट गयी लुटाने से पहले,
चिराग तमन्ना का जला तो दिया था,
मगर बुझ गया जगमगाने से पहले।

11. तूने नफ़रत से जो देखा है तो याद आया,
कितने रिश्ते तेरी ख़ातिर यूँ ही तोड़ आया हूँ,
कितने धुंधले हैं ये चेहरे जिन्हें अपनाया है,
कितनी उजली थी वो आँखें जिन्हें छोड़ आया हूँ।

12. रोज़ आता है मेरे
दिल को तस्सली देने
ख़याल ऐ यार को
मेरा खयाल कितना है

13. पहले इश्क़,
फिर दर्द,
फिर बेहद नफरत,
बड़ी तरकीब से तबाह…..
किया तुमने मुझको!!

14. हमें कोई ग़म नहीं था ग़म-ए-आशिक़ी से पहले,
न थी दुश्मनी किसी से तेरी दोस्ती से पहले,
है ये मेरी बदनसीबी तेरा क्या कुसूर इसमें,
तेरे ग़म ने मार डाला मुझे ज़िन्दग़ी से पहले।

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16 Senti Heart touchy Sms

1. Usne kaha Pyar ek dard hai..
Humne kaha dard qabul hai..
Usne kaha dard ke saath ji na paoge..
Humne kaha teri Pyar ke saath marna qabul hai.

2. Ek Pal Ka Ehsaas Bankar Aate Ho Tum,
Dusre Hi Pal Khwab Bankar Udd Jate Ho,
Tum Jaante ho Ki Lagta Hai Dar Tanhaiyon se,
Phir Bhi Baar Baar Tanha Chhor jate ho Tum..!!

3. Uski yaadon ko kisi kone mein chupa nahi sakti,
Uske chehre ki muskaan kabhi bhula nahi sakti,
Mera bas chalta to uski har yaad ko bhul jaati,
Lekin is tute dil ko main samjha nahi sakti.

4. Dard Hai Dil Mein Per Iska Ehsaas Nahi Hota,
Rota Hai Dil Jab Wo Paas Nahi Hota,
Barbad Hogae Hain Hum Unki Mohabbat Mein,
Aur Wo Kehte Hain Ki Is Tarah Se Pyar Nahi Hota.

5. Hamain Na Mohabbat Mili Na Pyar Mila,
Hum ko Jo Bhi Mila Bewafa Yaar Mila,
Apni to Ban Gai Tamasha Zindagi,
Har koi Apny Maqsad ka Talabgar Mila.

6. Pyaar dariya hai jiska sahil nahi hota,
Har dil mohabbat ke qabil nahi hota,
Rota wo bhi hai jo dooba hai pyaar mein,
Or rota wo bhi hai jise pyaar hasil nahi hota.

7. Unse Milne Ko Jo Socho Ab Wo Zamana Nahi,
Ghar Bhi Kaise Jaun Ab To Koi Bahana Nahi,
Mujhe Yaad Rakhna Kahi Tum Bhula Na Dena,
Mana Ke Barson Se Teri Gali Me Aana-Jana Nahi.

8. Mujhko Aisa Dard Mila Jiski Dawa Nahi..
Phir Bhi Khush Hun Mujhe Us Se Koi Gila Nahi..
Aur Kitne Aansu Bahaun Ab Us Ke Liye..
Jisko Khuda Ne Mere Naseeb Main Likha Hi Nahi.

9. Tere Rone Se Unhe Koi
Fark NHi Padta Aye Dil
Jinke Chahne Wale Zayada Ho
Wo Aksar Be-Dard Hua Karte Hai..

10. Teri aarzoo mera khwab hai,
Jiska raasta bahut kharab hai,
Mere zakhm ka andaza na laga,
Dil ka haar panna dard ki kitaab hai…!!!

11. Meri kabar pe rone mat aana,
Mujhe pyaar hai ye kehne mat aana,
Main duniya main hoon tab tak satao mujko,
Jab main so jao to jagane mat aana.

12. Samet Kar Le Jao..
Apne Jhoothe Waadon Ke Adhure Kisse..
Agli Mohabbat Me Tumhein Phir..
Inki Zarurat Padegi..

13. Majburi mein jab koi juda hota hai,
Zaruri nahi ke wo bewafa hota hai,
De kar wo aapki aankho me aansu,
Akele me aapse bhi zyada rota hai.

14. Ulfat ka yeh dastoor hota hai,
Jisse chaho wahi hamse door hota hai,
Dil toot kar bikharta hai iss kadar jaise,
Kanch ka khilona girke choor choor hota hai.

15. Is kadar hum yaar ko manaane nikle,
Uski chahat ke hum deewaane nikle,
Jab bhi usey dil ka haal batana chaha,
Toh uske hothon se waqt na hone ke bahaane nikle.

16. Lage he ilzaam dil pe jo mujh ko rulate hai,
Kisi ki berukhi aur kisi aur ko satate he,
Dil tod ke mera wo badi asani se keh gaye alvida,
Lekin halaat mujhe bewafa thehraate hai.

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8 Very Sad Sms For Girfriend In Hindi

1. जीने की ख्वाहिश में हर रोज़ मरते हैं,
वो आये न आये हम इंतज़ार करते हैं,
झूठा ही सही मेरे यार का वादा है,
हम सच मान कर ऐतबार करते हैं ।

2. मुहब्बत में सच्चा यार न मिला,
दिल से चाहे हमें वो प्यार न मिला।
लूटा दिया उसके लिए सब कुछ मैने,
मुसीबत में मुझे मददग़ार न मिला।

3. मैंने जिन्दगी से पूछा..
सबको इतना दर्द क्यों देती हो ?
जिन्दगी ने हंसकर जवाब दिया..
मैं तो सबको ख़ुशी ही देती हु,
पर एक की ख़ुशी दुसरे का दर्द बन जाती है !!

4. अब ये न पूछना की..
ये अल्फ़ाज़ कहाँ सेलाता हूँ,
कुछ चुराता हूँ दर्द दूसरों के,
कुछ अपनी सुनाता हूँ|

5. वो साथ थे तो
एक लफ़्ज़ ना निकला
लबों से,
दूर क्या हुए
कलम ने क़हर मचा दिया..!!

6. ये बेवफा वफा की कीमत क्या जाने !!
है बेवफा गम-ऐ मोहब्बत क्या जाने !!
जिन्हे मिलता है हर मोड पर नया हमसफर !!
वो भला प्यार की कीमत क्या जाने !!

7. तेरी याद में आंसुओं का समंदर बना लिया,
तन्हाई के शहर में अपना घर बना लिया,
सुना है लोग पूजते हैं पत्थर को,
इसलिए तुझसे जुदा होने के बाद दिल को पत्थर बना लिया।

8. एक बात पूछें तुमसे..
जरा दिल पर हाथ रखकर फरमायें..
जो इश्क़ हमसे शीखा था..
अब वो किससे करते हो|

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11 Emotional Heartbroken Sms (Hindi)

1. khuda kare ki pyar me kisi ka dil na toote
jaise rutha mera sanam kisi aur ka na ruthe
rota hai dil aur toot jate hain sapne
ankhon ke aansoo bhi nahin hote hain apne..

2. Kis tarha bardasht karu,
In totay khuwaboo k nuksan ko,
In ankhoo main par gay hain ansoo k nishan..

3. Kami Nahi Hoti Kisi K Door Janay Say
Gham Zaroor Hota Ha Kisi K Bhool Janay Say
Jisay Judai Ka Ehsaas Tk Nahi
Janay Kio Aansoo Ajatay Ha Us K Yaad Anay Say…

4. Ansoo tairy niklay ankhen hamary hoon
dil tera darhkay durhkan hamary hoon
A KHUDA hamary piyar may itni gaihraiy ho
kaih saans tairy rukay to moat hamary hoon..

5. Pane se khone ka maza aur hai
Band aankho se dekhne ka maza kuch aur hai
Aansu bane lafz aur lafz bane gazal
Teri yaado ke saath jine ka maza kuch aur hai…

6. shq Ko Bi Ishq Ho Tu Phir Main Dekhon Ishq Ko
Kese Tarpe Kaise Roye Ishq Apne Ishq Main ..

7. Sachey pyar mein nikle aansu aur
Rote hue bache ke aansu ek saman hote hai,
Kyun ke dono ko pata to hai ke dard kya hai
Par kisi ko bata nahi sakte..

8. Shekayat na karta zamane se koi,
Agar man jata manane se koi.
Phir kisi ko yaad karta na koi
Agar bhool jata bhulane se koi.

9. Suna hai wo keh kar gaye hai ke ab to hum,
Sirf tumhare khuwaboon main hi aayenge,
Koi keh day unse k wo wada kar lay,
Hum Zindgi bher k liye soo jayenge.

10. Paney se khoney ka maza kuch aur ha
Band ankhon se dekhney ka maza kuch aur ha
Aansoo baney lafz aur lafz ghazal
Unki yaadon ke saath jiney ka maza kuch aur ha..

11. Dard Kitne Hai Bta Nhi Skta,
Zakham Kitne Hai Dikhaa Nhi Skta,
Aankhon Se Samajh Sko Tho Samajh Lo,
Aansoo Girey Hai Kitne Ginaa Nhi Skta..

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