Inspirational Sms

9 Inspirational Sms For Students

1. Faith is taking the first step
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

2. Life is like a coin
Pleasure and pain are the two sides,
Only one side is visible at time,
But remember other side also waiting for its turn.

3. A leaf which falls from d tree is at d mercy of wind,
it goes wherever wind takes it..
be d wind 2 drive others,
not d leaf to be driven by others.!

4. When u feel depressed, confused or hurt.
Don’t worry stand in front of a mirror,
u will find the best one to solve your problem.

5. Most of us never reach the level of achievement
of which we are capable
because we don’t challenge ourselves . . .
let us keep ourself challenging.

6. Living in the favourable and unfavourable situation is called “PART OF LIFE”,
But smiling in all those situations is called

7. The Size Of Candles May Differ
But They Yield The Same Brightness.
It’s Not The Matter Of Your Position,
But Your Ability That Shines.

8. Life is like a novel and every day is a new page.
so if a page is sad next will b happy..
so don’t worry turn the page and enjoy the life..

9. People often say that
motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing –
that’s why we recommend it daily.

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