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10 Sweet Afternoon Sms To A Grilfriend

1. With you every day is my lucky day. So lucky being your love and don’t know what else to say. Morning night and noon, you make my day.

2. I have tasted things that are so sweet, heard words that are soothing to the soul, but comparing the joy that they both bring, I’ll rather choose to see a smile from your cheeks. You are sweet. I love you.Good Afternoon

3. If I never met you, I would brag all my life, that the best female on earth is my mum. Don’t tell her – secret between you and me. I love you.

4. Truth be told, your love and care are second to none. I just can’t choose to lose you for anything else. I love you. Good afternoon.

5. Nice and caring people like you are difficult to find. And I understand that it must have been favour, finding someone like you. Good afternoon, I love you.

6. I just remembered this: It was when I met you that my whole life began to be sweet as yours. You have added more than joy to me. I love you. Good afternoon.

7. I knew I was so close to believing in miracles the very first time I saw you. Having someone like you was a miracle I never thought could happen to me. Thanks goodness I found you. I love you.Good Afternoon

8. My nightmares are over. I sing dirge no more. You become my best of song and my dream come true the moment you came into my life. I pledge my allegiance to your love. Good afternoon.

9. I choose to live all my life with you. I choose to stay timelessly in the dark with you instead of living in booming light without you. You rock my world. I love you.Good Afternoon

10. When you start to work in the morning and through the rigorous activities of the day, I will always be there to stand by you. Good afternoon. I care.

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6 Afternoon Sms For My Friends

1. If I will remember great persons in the nearest future, I sure know you will still make the list. I admire your ways and deeds.Good Afternoon

2. You are the definition of a true friend. May the day we met be ever blessed. Thanks for always being there.Good Afternoon

3. Thanks for always being here in times of needs. Thanks for making the best out of my worst. Thanks still for being such a lovely friend that you are.Good Afternoon

4. There can never be a goodbye from me to you. You have become a part of me and your care have found a perfect place in my very heart. You are a friend forever.Good Afternoon

5. This is one in a lifetime! You are the only proof that great friends still exist. I wouldn’t have asked for this much. You are lovely on your way. Thanks for your helping hand.Good Afternoon

6. I wish you know how lucky I always feel to have met such a great friend like you. I am most favoured of all the living. And thank you for accepting me too. You are great.

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14 Afternoon Sms For Sweet Friends

1. I wish you have a wonderful afternoon from these cool wishes. May the sun shine in your favour. Stay lovely and great.

2. Walking in the sun, I remember how good it is to enjoy a cool breeze and then I remember how great it is, when one has a friend who cools one’s heart. You deserve more than my best.

3. Great friends are not easy to find, I concur. It was destiny that brought you close to me. And remembering you this noon, I wish you have a prosperous ending in all your endeavours. You are a friend indeed.

4. Thank you for always being near whenever i need you. Thanks for being a friend indeed that you are. Wishing you happiest noon my dear friend.

5. As long as there are great people to be remembered, you will have a special place in my heart. You are my choicest of friends. You are envied!

6. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for your numerous love and care. You deserve more than this tiny text messages. In all, thank you for all you’ve done for me.

7. When I get to a height greater than this, I will not forget your all-time love and care, more than would a brother. You are precious to me. I love you.

8. You care is priceless. Your deeds are adorable. Your ways are to be emulated. You are nothing short of a friend indeed. Thanks for being my friend.

9. My confidant when I was helpless and hopeless and my strength in weak and weary moments. Your care will be evergreen in my life. Thanks.

10. Million Thanks wouldn’t be enough for the kindness you show to me daily. You are one in a million. Thanks for it all.

11. He who cares is the one who loves. The last time I checked, you are qualified to be one. I duff my cap for your true friendship.

12. You are so caring, I must confess. Your match is truly second to none. You are matchless, to be sincere. Thanks friend.

13. I wish you all the good things you ever wish yourself in life. It shall be well with you all your days.

14. Your ways will never be slippery. Your paths will never be dark. You will never be a victim of evil circumstances. Thanks for your help and care.

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9 Loving Sms For Girlfriend

1. My family clinic is nothing compared to your love. They help my body but you help my spirit and soul. Thanks for coming into my life. I love you.

2. Like fire, your love burns within my heart and I never want this to be quench able. You are what I call, “My burning desire.”

3. As your morning was refreshing, may your afternoon be fun filled, and I wish your night be relaxing also. Just checking on you. I love you.

4. My wishes doesn’t end in the morning. I am here to wish you a better afternoon and wishing you the best night ahead. Take care my love. I hope you

5. Even if your love is fairytale, I would rather believe in it, than cling to the reality the world would prove to offer. Just to let you know that you are mine forever.

6. Before the day goes over and the night draws near, I wish you enjoy this afternoon my love. Have a good afternoon my dear.

7. I wish it, I pray it and I hope it: that a afternoon will come when we will be together to part no more. Wish granted and prayer answered? Just checking on you.

8. Hope it’s not stressful there my love. I am here wishing it all ends in your favour. Stay lovely and unshaken for me sweetheart. I love you.

9. I am so sorry to be away from you. How I wish you know how much I’d love to be with you there. Stay strong anyways. I love you.

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9 Sweet Sms For Girlfriend

1. Whichever way my life tends, I wouldn’t want to miss a moment without you.

2. You are all that my life seeks. The merriment I ever desired. You rock my world and you deserve to be loved forever.

3. The last time I checked – which is forever – I discovered that no one can ever separate us. You and me together forever.

4. You are my fit under any kind of weather. You are my missing piece and the perfection that my life ever longed for. I love you is all I can say.

5. If only I could talk about your love for me in a lifetime, I will still fall short of its real description. Your love is unfathomable! I love you.

6. Forever in your love is where I want to dwell. For I’ve seen love but never seen this, I swear. Take it or leave it, you are my world best! I love you.

7. How I wish the sun could obey me for a second, to stop its scorching ride on my angel. So sorry it will be hot there. Don’t worry, the evening will soon come. I love you.

8. Just to see your face is the best description of being optimistic. To hug you in my arms is the perfect definition of a dream come true. I miss you.

9. When my songs want to end, thinking about you is the choicest of lyrics. My life goes on as long as I have you. You are mine forever.

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12 Afternoon Sms For Boyfriend

1. Every afternoon is to remember the one whom my earth beats for. The one I live and sure can die for. Hope you doing good there my love. Missing your face.Good Afternoon

2. Calling you my dear would be an understatement. I would rather call you my heart. Because, with you my life is kept lively. I love you.Good Afternoon

3. Your love is not feelings, not even feelings of impulse. You are worth the whole world to me. Good afternoon. I love you my sweet.

4. I have counted it and it’s uncountable: that is your care for me. I have measured it and it’s immeasurable: that is again the depth of your love in my heart. Secret of the century it is! I love you.Good Afternoon

5. I would possibly be living in lifetime regret if you are part of my family. I couldn’t have watched you been taken away by another person. Thank God I found you.Good Afternoon

6. If I am a mathematician, “you plus me” would be equal to “everlasting love.” Isn’t that what we are! I love you my heart.Good Afternoon

7. I want to love you forever. I want to be the reason for your smiles and fun filled laughter. Your love to me daily, is all that matter. It’s done!Good Afternoon

8. Things are changing. I see everything turning around for my favour. And the last time I checked, it’s courtesy of your love. 1000 kisses from me to you. I love you dearly.Good Afternoon

9. You are way too gorgeous than what I ever dreamt of. You changed my taste and changed my life in turn. I love you forever.Good Afternoon

10. Your love is sweeter than what I read in romantic novels and fulfilling more than I see in epic films. I couldn’t have been me, without you. I love you. Good Afternoon

11. Just came to check on you my love and heart desire. I wish you have a wonderful afternoon! Take care, until I see your lovely face. I love you.

12. You are the very reason my heart leaps for joy. I would never wish I have a moment away from you. You deserve my all. I love you. Good Afternoon

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7 Sweet Sms Of Afternoon (Hindi)

1. Manzil milne se dosti bhulaai nahi jaati,
Hamsafar milne se dosti mitaai nahi jati…
Good Afternoon…

2. ISHQ kar deta hai bekarar,
Bhar deta hai pathar k dil mei pyar,har 1 ko nahi milti zindagi ki yeh bahar,kyunki
ISHQ ka dusra naam hai INTEZAR. GuD AfTeRnOOn

3. Agar is sms ko delete kiya to kutta..
Forward kiya to chutiya..
Save kiya to haraami..
Kuch nahi kiya to gandu..
Reply kiya to bharwa..
Ab ker le jo ker sakta hai..
Ghussa huwa to gand phaar dun ga..
Or muskuraya to chod dun ga..
Or agar mujhe dubara fwd kiya to lulli kaat dun ga..

4. ()”. .”()
( , o )
( kar rahe ho ?

()”. .”()
( (“”) )
( /#_) Haye Rabba ! Meinu Yaad kar rahe ho!

5. Sachii dosti be juban hoti hai,
ye to ankho se byan hoti hai,
dosti me dard mile to kya?
Dard me hi dosti ki pahechan hoti hai.
Good Afternoon Dost.. πŸ™‚

6. Jab Bhi Mujhe Yaad Tumhari Aati Hai
Labon Pe Mere Bas Yahi Fariyaad Aati Hai
Zindagi Mein Khuda Har Khushi De Tumhe
Hamari Toh Har Khushi Aapki Khushi Key Baad Aati Hai!
Good Afternoon Dear!

7. hum tumhein batayen kya,
poch lo ye suraj se,
kitni dhoop jheli hai,
sayban ki khawahish mein,
Good After Noon

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13 Afternoon Sms For Friends

1. “When friendship is your greatest weakness ,
you will be the strongest person in the world”… Good Afternoon.

2. Life iz a magic… The beauty of life iz next second….. which hides thousands of secrets. I wish every second will be wonderful in ur life. Good afternoon.

3. Nice friendship is Like The breathing air… You Will Never See it… But You Will Always Feel its Presence. Gud afternoon

4. $weet things are ea$y 2 buy,
$weet words are ea$y 2 $ay,
But $weet People like u,
are dificult 2 find…
May ur whole life b a$ swt as u…
$weet Good afternoon

5. Succes is century make it , problem is yorker face it, failure is bouncer leave it luck is full toss use it, but opportunity is free hit naver miss it , good afternoon my friends

6. (‘-‘) Smiling
(!.!) Crying
(‘;’) Angry
(‘:’) Bored
(‘.’) Proud
(‘o’) Hungry
(‘?’) Confuse
(-.-) Sleepy

I lik 2 accompny u in evry mood πŸ™‚
Good Afternoon

7. As you climb the ladder of success, check occasionally to make sure it is leaning against the right wall”. Good Afternoon and Good Day!

8. Learning history is so easy but making history is so difficult. Make a history of yourself and make others to learn it! Good Afternoon!

9. When we see our beloved one after a long gap, we want to share many things but smile & silents are the first one we share. That’s real affection…
good afternoon

10. Anybdy can love a rose but no 1 luvs a leaf that adds beauty 2 rose!
MORAL: Dont luv some1who is beautiful, but luv t 1 who cn make Ur life beautiful..
Good afternoon

11. * good *
a message frm my “HEART” a place where i keep gud frnds
like”u.wats up miss u so much

12. If ur eyes r sweet u would like all people in the world. But if ur tongue is sweet all people in the world will like you” Good afternoon

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