Dear teacher

5 Recovery Sms For My Sweet Teacher

1. We send beautiful flowers and wish for your quick recovery, dear teacher. Hope these flowers brighten your day and make you feel better. Get well soon.

2. Dearest teacher, I wish you good morning and also wish for your recovery from your surgery. Hope to see you back soon and in good health.

3. Sending you warmest good morning and get well soon wishes for you, dear teacher. I pray to Lord to give you a speedy recovery and be back on normal life sooner.

4. Teacher, we all students wish you get well soon and pray to Lord to ease your pain from the injury. We are missing you a lot in school and hope you will be back soon.

5. Dear teacher, I hope you have a quick recovery and be back to your regular life soon. I pray to Lord to bless you with good health. Get well soon.

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Nice Get Well Soon

4 Get Well Sms For My Favorite Teacher

1. There ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone. There ain’t no birds chirping when you’re gone. There ain’t no happiness when you’re gone. And there ain’t no learning when you’re gone. Hoping for your speedy recovery, dear teacher!

2. You helped us unlock our minds to learn the worldview, you showed us that failures were biggest lessons, and you walked with us so that we were never alone. And so we send you wishes, because through these times we will not let you be alone. Hoping you get well soon, dear teacher!

3. Teachers just don’t teach academic lessons, but lessons of life that make it deeper and meaningful. For that one person who made us who we are, we wish you a speedy recovery and good health.

4. Such get well messages convey your heartfelt feelings of love and care. Write these messages on cards, notes, and on presents that you may take for your teacher. You can also send get well soon text messages to your teacher if meeting or visiting him/her is not possible.

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Teacher Get Well Soon

6 Get Well Soon Sms For Sweet Teacher

1. Every time I close my eyes to pray, my only prayer to God is to heal you as quickly as possible. I wish you a speedy recovery with all my heart and soul! Get Well Soon..

2. The substitute teacher isn’t doing her best as amazing as you did, because there is no teacher as amazing as you. We all hope you get well soon and start teaching soon.

3 You held our hand through the toughest of times, wiped away the dust after our every pitfall, and celebrated every smallest victory in a grand way as though it was your own. It is with same fervor that we all stand by you in your toughest times. Sending you cheers and well wishes to get well soon!

4. I wish I had magic wand so that I could wave it and wish your illness away. Dear teacher, I hope God takes my every prayer and turns it around for your magical and miraculous recovery. Get Well Soon teacher..

5. The stars are shining bright on you, the breeze blowing is cooling for you, the road to recovery is getting smoother for you, and with all this happiness around you, you shall get well real soon!

6. There are lessons that go beyond textbooks, there is reality that transcends morality, there is truth in every desperate lie, and there are ardent prayers that work there for those you love. Your class sends you heartfelt prayers to get well soon!

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4 Get Well Soon Sms For Teacher

1. If my every thought could turn into a wish, I would wish for your speedy recovery. So, wishing with all my heart, you get well sooner than later.

2. No sickness is stronger than an entire battalion of students wishing you the fastest recovery. As you finish reading this sentence, your smile would have gotten better and brighter. Come back soon!

3. If there ever is a measure to measure the number of prayers for you, even that would fall short. And with such great a number, surely God is sending his own private doctor to get you back on your feet very soon! We got your back, teacher!

4. Every time I close my eyes to pray, my only prayer to God is to heal you as quickly as possible. I wish you a speedy recovery with all my heart and soul!

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