Get Well Soon

4 Recovery Sms For Grandpa

1. Who would have thought that the person that tried to eat healthy all of the time would be the first person in the hospital…. to see you! Get well soon grandfather..

2.We sat down in a church today and all said a prayer for you, wishing you good health grandpa..

3. I keep thinking about you being sick and crying. Get well soon grandfather.

4. Take care of yourself, and listen to your doctors. Everyone misses you and is sending their well wishes your way.

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Arraying A Person's Will Power

9 Get Well Soon Sms For Grandfather

1. Just when you thought you were out, life keeps pulling you back in! Get well soon grandpa..

2. Twinkle toes. I knew you were feeling sick, but I never thought you would be in the hospital for a cold. Now Recover Soon ggggfather, i want to play with u..

3. When you’re feeling sick, stand up and do a little dance –you’ll feel better. Jokes apart get well soon granddad.

4. Sometimes, all you need when you’re feeling blue is a little laughter! Get well grandpa..

5. Even if everyone else wants you dead, I am wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon grandpa.

6. Light speed my daddu. It’s time to feel better, and enjoy life.

7. Get well granddad. It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, and we’ll have too many leftovers if you’re not here to eat all of the food.

8. Get well my sweet daddu, for we have a surprise once you’re feeling better.

9. Your health is more important than anything right now. Get better grandfather.

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