Warmest Wishes

6 Get Well Soon Sms For Cousin

1. Mom told me I had to write you a get well card even though you were coming home soon. So, get well cousin!

2. I bet you never thought that get well messages could be so funny. They put the best quotes in these messages to make you laugh and smile. Get well soon my dear.

3. I was lucky to never really get sick in my life. You seem to have all of the bad luck in the family. Get well soon cousin.

4. There are hundreds of people hoping and praying that you get better right now.

5. If you don’t think you can get well here, I hear that New Zealand works well. so get ready cousin.

6. Last night, I dreamed of you, and you were all better. I know that this is a sign of your illness going away. So take care my lovely cousin.

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Be Strong

5 Recovery Sms For My Cousin

1. Get better today cousin so that tomorrow we can all sleep well knowing that our loved one is feeling better.

2. I just heard that you were sick last night, so I had a beer in your name and made a toast to you. Can’t wait until I don’t have to drink alone anymore. Recover soon cousin.

3. There is always a miracle every day, so let today’s miracle be your speedy recovery my sweet cousin.

4. Even if you have no spiritual beliefs, you can still have faith and hope in yourself to overcome this illness my cousin..

5. It looks like I was right again. You never take care of yourself, and now, here I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

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My heart Feels Very Sad

8 Recovery Sms In Short For Cousin

1. I hear that the nurses in the hospital are hot! Cousin you might not want to get better too fast if it’s true.

2. Is it true that you’re still sick? I thought for sure you would be back to your old self already. Miss and love you. Get well soon cousin.

3. You have the genes of a champion and will never be held down by illness. You will overcome this sickness. Be Positive cousin.

4. Getting better and overcoming any illness is all in the mind. Know that you’re strong enough to get better.

5. All of us were sitting at the table this morning talking about how dull life has been since you’ve been sick. We are all thinking of you and wishing that you get better soon cousin.

6. There is no loss in pride in feeling sick. All you can do is get up out of bed when the time is right and fight until you’re better.

7. When people are young, they think that they’re immortal and can take on the world without any consequences. As you age, this all becomes a lie, and you start to feel sick and weak at times. Get well, and become Superman again my cousin.

8. No sickness in the world has the power to keep someone as strong willed as you down. Get better soon.

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I Wish You Comfort

6 Get Well Sms For Cousin

1. There is not enough money in the world I could be given to go through the trials you’ve endured. I know you can beat this battle and return home. Get better soon cousin .

2.. The birds are singing a sad song ever since you got sick. We all know that you’ll be better, but you have to come home and tell the birds that you’ll be well, or they will always sound sad. Get well soon my dear cousin.

3. All of us are stuck at home not knowing what to do now that you’re not here. Get better and get back home. We all miss you too much cousin.

4. We miss you… like really, really miss you. Get well soon.

5. The worst thing you can ever do is give up hope. Know that you will get better and be home soon.

6. The house isn’t the same without you here. It’s only been a few days, but the air smells fresher, and there are a lot fewer dirty dishes in the sink. But, we still miss you. Get better soon.

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