Thinking Of You Lots

5 Recovery Sms In Short For Granny

1. Illness comes for each and every one of us. Sometimes, we get the plague, and other times, we get a mere cold. Lucky for you, this is just a cold, so feel better and be grateful that it isn’t too serious Granny.

2. When you’re looking into the future and realize that there is no sickness present, you’ll fight harder today. Get Well Soon Grand mom..

3. There are some battles that we all must face alone. Unfortunately, sickness is one of them. Get well, good granny.

4. Every second that passes, your body sends out a little army of helper cells trying to destroy the sickness inside of you. It’s like a war inside of your body!

5. With each day that passes, I pray that God gives you the strength to continue to get better.Recover Soon grandmother..

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My wishes And Prayers

6 Get Well Soon Sms For Grandmom

1. We are all here for a brief moment in time, but you have a whole lifetime ahead of you. Get better soon grandmother.

2. When you’re back is against the wall, you will realize just how strong you can be. This is the time to show your strength, and kick this illness’s butt.

3. Second by a second, minute by a minute, you’ll grow stronger until the point when you’re back on your feet feeling better than ever. Be strong grandmother.

4. We all have hopes and dreams. These are the simple pleasures we hope to achieve in life, and they will guide you to better health.Get well soon granny..

5. What is it that you want to do most in this world? If you’re stuck in bed sick, you’ll never realize your dream. So, focus on getting healthy. Be positive grandmother..

6. I feel down when you’re not around. Please get well soon grandmother..

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So Sorry

7 Get Well Sms For Grandma

1. A tear forms in my eye when you’re not by my side. Get well soon, so we can be together .. Get well grandmother.

2. I always knew that being stubborn and not wanting to go to the doctor would end with you in the hospital. Get well grandmom!

3. Get well soon granny. You still have a lot of money you owe me, and you can’t die until you pay me back.

4. My life was all fine and great while you were around, but now you’re sitting in a comfortable bed watching television while you recover. Get well grandma.

5. I heard that knowing others are thinking of you when you’re not feeling well speeds up the recovery process. We’re thinking of you grandma.

6. If you get better, I promise that I will buy you any gift you could ever want. Of course, it can’t be too much – I’m not rich, you know.

7. No one cares about money when someone they love is sick. Your sickness has put a new perspective of life in my life. Get well soon granny..

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We Send To You For A Quick Recovery

7 Get Well Soon Sms For Grandmom

1. A prayer for you on this day. I pray that you fight off your sickness and get back to good health grandmom. I pray that the angels look down on you and smile as you overcome this battle.

2. Health is the most important thing in life grandmother, so get better and take care of yourself.

3. You are the only one that matters when you’re sick. Get better soon grandma..

4. You must be getting so many cards and messages from people wishing you well. For me, I am sending my prayers and love in hopes that they reach you.

5. Sickness is the body telling you it’s time to slow down and take care of yourself grandmother.

6. My favorite old woman. I hope you feel better soon.

7. Get well soon granny. Your absence has caused me to have to work much harder, and I miss your company.

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