Happy Tuesday - Glitter-m5

10 Lovely Tuesday Sms

1. The world believes on give and take
What kind of prayers,things or anything else you gave
That same again come to you by other ways
Good Morning Tuesday..

2. Get up earlier See the nature Ready for the work And be passionate
Good Morning Tuesday

3. World is the most deceiver
Day by day it increase this thing
Which makes and destroys
Life of peoples Good morning

4. On early in the morning you can say
To see towards sky ad layers on it
3 layers One of sun
One of going darkness And One of coming up light of sky
Good Morning Tuesday

5. On the morning
I mean earlier
No one on the roads
Rush roads are silent
Good Morning

6. Tuesday When you will see the silent world
You will realize that value
That you have life
Good Morning Tuesday.

7. On early morning
Fogs on fields, birds on tree
Some people are walking
And all city in a beautiful atmosphere
Good Morning Tuesday

8. When world is in morning
Not all the world
But about the cities
Which are going to be rise
Had beautiful atmosphere
Good Morning Tuesday

9. When you came out from home
For morning walk
There is a view
This is completely majestic
Good Morning Tuesday

10. In beauty of rising of sun
When layers on the sky
You can realize your breath
Good Morning Tuesday

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