Happy Sunday - Angel-m4

7 Sunday Sms

1. Say thanks to god
For one more day
To rest and enjoy
Happy Sunday

2. Sunday means fun day
So enjoy it with full passion
And have a great Sunday
I am going to wish you an amazing Sunday
Because today is the day when have no work load
Had a great Sunday

3. May you got all happiness of life
And many beautiful Sundays in your way
So enjoy it , have a nice Sunday

4. Birds a singing
Sun is coming
Darkness is going
But you will sleep till late
Because its Sunday
Its new day in front of us
And we have make it so nice
To us, because life is beautiful
Happy Sunday

5. Hey wake up its new morning
Morning of a beautiful sunny day
We have to make a plan
To make all of us remembered
Its Sunday here

6. No work to have done
Or incomplete so a restful day
With full peace and love
Sunday mean end of devotion
And name of rest for all who live here
So happy Sunday

7. Everyday has some good in it
But we didn’t notice
We gave importance to Sunday
Because we have to do rest..

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