Animated Saturday Picture-m55

10 Saturday Sms

1. Saturday means first holiday in which people usually do rest and make all things positive in life so by using some messages wish them. Say happy Saturday by using below mentions.

2. Today is Saturday
Means start of weekend
On which burden is over and
Rest is start..

3. Saturday day means great blessing of god
Which provided to human being
By god to take benit..

4. on Saturday morning
Special breakfast make by people
Due to holiday
Good morning

5. If you want to enjoy
Make plans to visit new place
On weekend specially on Saturday
God morning

6. I am feeling good when you smile
And makes me too good for all
Specially on Saturday
When I feel relax

7. Saturday is day pf rest
No work will be do
Spend all day on bed
To fulfill sleep
Good morning

8. Saturday is a day on which many people
Enjoy life in really means
By saying thanks to God for
Making this day for them
people of world, worship the god
And on Saturdays they pay thaks to him
Good morning

9. morning Is time to be blessed
And to live all the day
With full activities and greet all over
Good morning

10. Saturday is 2nd last day of week
And all week tiredness is collect
Which removed on Saturday
And make plans for hanging out
With all beloved ones..

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