Seven Year Old

10 Sweet Birthday Sms For Seven Year Old

1. I wish you congratulations on the 7th Birthday and hope you get a mountain of gifts!

2. Happy 7th birthday. Remember: if you really want something, go for it, and you’ll always have it.

3. To your seventh birthday I wish you much fun with your friends and that all your birthday wishes come true!

4. Happy 7th birthday! May all of your dreams come true this year (and some of mine, too), for this is a lucky year!

5. Happy 7th birthday! The French call 7 years “the age of reason”, meaning that you can now make your own decisions. Do the right thing… Even if no one is looking!

6. Happy 7th birthday! We’re all on the 7th heaven from realizing you’ve grown all the way up to 7 already! We’re very proud of you. Keep rocking!

7. Remember, you’ll be 7 for only a year but you’ll stay awesome forever. Hope today’s full of your favorite pleasures! You deserve everything happy.

8. To my super cool 7-year old on the day of his birthday: always chase your dreams instead of running from your fears. Remember: winners never quit and quitters never win.

9. Wishing you an unforgettable Birthday party on your 7th b-day!

10. Happy 7th birthday! This year, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Those who try to do something and fail are better than those who try to do nothing and succeed. Mistakes are what lets you know you’re going the right way.

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Seventh Birthday

11 Lovely Sms For Seven Year Old

1. Happy 7th birthday! I wish you learn a lot of new things this year, so you could look back on yourself in a year and say, well, I’ve grown up now.

2. Wow, you’ve just turned 7! Learn as much as you can while you are still young, later you’ll be too busy. I wish you tons of friends and a lot of fun moments with them to remember till your next birthday!

3. I’ve a feeling you’re going to make a great 7-year-old. Hope this great year kicks off with a very exciting and very happy birthday!

4. Happy seventh birthday! I had wanted to give you a present as cool as you, but I couldn’t find anything, so I got you this.

5. Being 7 is a really tough project. You’re going to have to use your head, your brain, and your mind, too. But we’re sure you’ll make it! Happy birthday!

6. Happy 7th birthday! Keep following your dreams and you’ll see them come true. We are very proud of you!

7. I am sending you 7 hugs and a big kiss on your 7th birthday. I am very proud of you!

8. Happy birthday! We really can’t believe it’s been seven years. Thanks for giving us exciting times and unforgettable memories, kid. Keep rocking!

9. Another year older, and you just keep getting stronger, wiser, funnier and more amazing.

10. Congratulations to the greatest treasure you could want as a grandchild. Have fun on your 7th birthday!

11. Happy seventh birthday, you little superstar! We wish you make the most of your life today and any other day.

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