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10 Anniversary Sms For My Darling Wife

1. Inside my heart you’ll always be, Because, my heart beats only for thee!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

2. My eyes behold only your picture, Because it is of high value and stature!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

3. Please stay with me always, This is what my heart truly says!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

4. The way you hold my hand, The way you give me a hug, All the worries, away from me, stand, They know I have you, And so, me, they can’t thug!!! Happy wedding anniversary!

5. The very first moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew our hearts were meant to be. You are my courage, my angel, my soldier. You saved me. I love you. happy Anniversary

6. Nοt only have Ι seen truth Ιn your eyes yοu remind me οf time itself fοr you are Μy past,present, Fυture, and Fοrever. i lοve you. Ηappy Anniversary.

7. Nοthing in this wοrld could ever Βe as wonderful Αs the love yοu have given Μe.
Your lοve makes my days sο νery bright, Εnriching my life Αll the way.
Ηappy Wedding Anniversary.

8. Being ωith you makes Μe feel like οur anniversary is Εvery single day.
Ι have been Βlessed with you Βy my side, Αnd I cherish yοu. I love yοu. Happy Αnniversary.

9. Yοu are my wοrld, my air Αnd I can nοt see myself ωith anyone else Βut you.
Υou are truly sοmeone to admire. Yοu are Μy reflection. Happy Αnniversary.

10. Τhere are not Εnough moments within οne second to Εxpress how much Ι am in lοve with you. Yοu are my sτrength, and Ι never want tο lose you. Ηappy Anniversary.

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My Heart For Being My Partner

9 Anniversary Sms For Sweet Wife

1. My lips pray only for you, My heart beats only for you, My eyes only want to see you, For my love for you, forever would be the shew!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

2. You came in my life as lady luck, When with all the troubles I was stuck!! Thanks for loving me so much!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

3. From a boy you made me a man, You did everything best for me which you could and can!!! Thanks a lot darling!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

4. I was never a man who could handle a woman, But with you everything is so easy and fun!! Happy wedding anniversary my beautiful wife!!!

6. I’m complete only when you are around, Else I’m like a voice with no sound!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

7. You are the rhythm if I’m a song, And we hum the melody for a time very long!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

8. You the best woman I have ever known, And when you came as my wife, my sorrows were automatically blown!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

9. From you the greatness descends, And to have a woman like you my happiness ascends!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

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I AM So Happy

7 Wedding Anniversary Sms For Wife

1. Thanks a lot for coming in my life, For being my best friend and my wife!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

2. Never thought my life would suddenly improve, After getting a wife like you!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

3. Kiss of love and hug of care, My heart my soul with you I share!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

4. In my life I can never feel alone, When troubles hit me hard like stones! Thanks for being my wife!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

5. Two souls like ours can never be apart, When they are so strongly bonded by the relation of heart!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

6. Many mistakes I do make, Hats off to you my woman, how patiently you take!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

7. One thing I would ever want is life is you, Because, how much I love you, you really have no clue!! Happy wedding anniversary!

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