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8 Wedding Anniversary Sms For Stepson

1. I have not been fortunate enough to give you the gift of life. But I have been lucky enough to give myself the gift of living life with a wonderful second son like you. I am so happy and congratulating you on your wedding..

2. You never treated me like you enemy, not even once. Thank you for giving our relationship time and much needed patience. I love you and best wishes for your wedding..

3. You have not grown up in my hands or cuddled with me as a toddler, but you have grown in my heart and cuddled my soul. Happy Anniversary my dear..

4. Apart from a diamond ring, the most beautiful gift your father gave me as a wedding gift was a stepson as lovable you. Happy Wedding Anniversary

5. Babies are tied to their mothers with an umbilical cord. But we have been tied together by a cord of respect, love and affection. Happy anniversary stepson..

6. One of the best things about marrying your mom has been getting an amazing stepson like you. Happy anniversary stepson..

7. The day I came into the family, the warmth of your welcome in your eyes I could see. I feel that being your mom was the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy Anniversary

8. I have no clue on how to be a stepdad, because you never made me feel like one. Happy wedding life stepson..

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Happy Wedding !

12 Anniversary Sms For Stepson

1. No οne can go back in time tο change what has happened, sο work on yοur present to make yourself a wοnderful future. Happy Anniversary Stepson..

2. You are supposed tο let go οf the past Αnd start off Νew my dear stepson. You are supposed to fοrgive all those who have hurt yοu, Αnd be open tο new relationships, with open arms. Enjoy your day, happy anniversary stepson..

3. Εven if our Τalks may lessen, οur hellos and οur stories as well, Βut remember that, nο matter what Ηappens, Μy prayers and wishes for you will never fall short. Happy Wedding day.

4. I love you not just because you are a part of my husband’s life, but also because you are a part of my heart. Happy Anniversary my dear stepson..

5. You are the kind of stepson that all fathers would want their real sons to be like. I am happy today, let us start new life together. Happy Anniversary stepson..

6. Nature may not have wanted you to have my eyes, skin or looks. But destiny wanted you to have my love, respect and affection forever. happy wedding anniversary dear son.

7. I don’t care about not having a biological or genetic connection as long as I have a beautiful emotional connection with you, and happy for your new life.. So happy anniversary Stepson..

8. In the staircase of my life, you have been my most beautiful STEP.. Happy Anniversary stepson..

9. Blood is not the only thing which is thicker than water. The love of a stepmom like me for a stepson like you is too. Happy wedding anniversary..

10. I have no idea what it feels like to have a step son – because you are no less than my own blood. Happy Anniversary son..

11. Typically, stepsons and stepmoms aren’t supposed to get along. I guess we have proved everyone wrong. Stepsons and stepmoms are supposed to fight and argue. Maybe we are different, because you love me and I love you. Happy Anniversary

12. My life has been full of good steps that I have taken to achieve success and find happiness, one of them being finding a wife like your mother and getting a son like you. Happy Anniversary

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