10 Wedding Anniversary Sms For Grandparents

1. To my charming grandpa and darling grandma
May you be blessed today
Wish you a very Happy Anniversary
May joy and luck keep coming your way.

2. Grandma Grandpa you are the best
Mighty wise and a lot of fun
When I need true friends
You two are the one
Happy Anniversary to you

3. There’s so much I have learned from you
And I want to tell you today
You have helped me be who I am
Thanks for coming my way
Happy Anniversary!

4. You have had your struggles and pain
And yet you two made it through
My respect for you is neverending
Dear grandparents,
Happy Anniversary to you

5. You have always given in abundance
Love, laughter and care
To the best grandparents in the world
Happy Anniversary and thanks for being there.

6. Dear Grandparents-We look up to you for inspiration,
a marriage filled with understanding, comfort and love. Thanks for setting the bar high.
Happy Anniversary!

7. You two are always in a good mood
You have pampered me in every way
So here’s wishing the best grandparents
A very happy anniversary day

8. Hearts full of happiness and love
Year and years of togetherness and knowing
Wish you a Happy Anniversary
May the cup of love keep overflowing
Have a great day

9. Dear grandparents its your day
To celebrate years of togetherness
Wish you a Happy Anniversary
Always be around to love and bless.

10. Congrats dear grandparents
For always being young at heart
Wish you a Happy Anniversary
You are our family’s inseparable part.

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Happy Anniversary Grandpartents

9 Wedding Anniversary Sms For Grandparents

1. You are my favourite people
My Grandparents and my friends too
Have a very Happy Anniversary
May all your dreams come true.

2. Your wisdom and charm can never fade
You young heart is still brand new
To the world’s sweetest grandparents
Happy Anniversary to you

3. Years of love and togetherness
A couple I truely adore
Dear grandparents on your anniversary
I wish you happiness more and more

4. Together you have travelled a long way
And I want you to know
You are the best grandparents anyone could have
Creating love stories on the go
Happy Anniversary.

5. Dear grandparents we love you
Need your blessings in all we do
Thanks for the love and care too
A very happy anniversary to you

6. You are fondly remembered today
For your love, care and smiles
Happy Anniversary dear grandparents
May you be blessed miles after miles.

7. Years and years have passed
Yet it feels like you have just begun
The happiness and joy you share
Brightens up lives of everyone
Happy Anniversary Grandparents.

8. Dear Grandparents its your day
I wish you spend it in the best way
Remember old times and create some new
A very Happy Anniversary to you.

9. Some people make a difference
Just by being in life to care
Wish you a happy anniversary
Thanks Grandma Grandpa for being there..

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