Happy Anniversary !!

6 Anniversary Sms For Girlfriend

1. I know the strength of your love even from afar, I can feel it. I am so happy that you two are finally getting married. Best of luck! Happy Anniversary girl..

2. Marriage is based on respect and love. So on this day, I wish you two nothing but a lifetime of love and respect. Have a happy wedding—wish I could be there!

3. This text isn’t enough to show my deep congratulations and happiness toward the two of you on your wedding day. Just know that I’m sending you nothing but my very best wishes to my favorite couple. Congrats on your marriage!

4. Marriage is not only the union of two individual persons, but also it signifies the union of souls. Congrats to the two of you for finding your soulmate and have an amazing wedding day!

5. Words can’t express the depth of happiness I’ve been experiencing since hearing the news of your wedding. I am sending my sincerest wishes to you from afar for a fantastic day and a wonderful lifetime together!

6. I wish you enjoy all of the joys that love and companionship brings in life. May your life after marriage be filled with joy and bliss. Good luck for the days to come.

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