Sweet Twelfth Birthday Wishes

11 Lovely Twelfth Birthday Sms

1. Happy 12th birthday my dearest son… May you see life through the eyes of a child but with the heart of an angel.

2. On my 12th birthday, someone has shared to me a very important saying that I also want to share with you… May you have a very happy 12th birthday!

3. I have never been this excited about your birthday. Happy 12th birthday my little boy!

4. Happy 12th birthday! You are not a big girl, but you are a young woman. I love you for just the way you are today and whatever you will become.

5. Happy 12th birthday to you! I hope that you will feel very special today. After all, it is not every day that you celebrate your birthday.

6. Happy birthday to you. At your age of 12, you are now old enough to have a blast on your birthday, yet, you are still too young and broke to be in a real trouble, so be very careful!

7. Be strong and competitive. I wish your wins and losses, trophies and empty shelves. Dream of what you want and I’ll make sure to support you.

8. Happy birthday my baby girl. You may be a grownup now, but for me, you are still that cute baby girl I know.

9.You only turn 12 once in your lifetime, so you have to make the most of this special day. Happy birthday!

10. Hope your birthday is at least 12 times better than you expected. You deserve it. Happy 12th birthday!

11. Happy 12th birthday! You’re so special that your birthday ought to be a national holiday. I bet all your friends would think so too if they got a day off school to celebrate your birthday with you.