Ten year Old

10 Birthday Sms For Ten Year Old

1. No matter how much you get old, you will always be our little princess. Wishing you all the best in this world. Praying for your guidance and success. Happy 10th birthday!

2. Welcome to a brand new chapter of your life. You are no longer a baby. Happy 10th birthday to you!

3. The best time of your life is about to come. Happy 10th birthday for you!

4. To know a girl like you has always made us so proud. My best wishes for you on your very special birthday!

5. No, we cannot call you a little girl anymore, you are an adult now! Happy tenth birthday!

6. Congratulations to you for your first two digit birthday! You are the best, and always will be!

7. You are the center of our world. We love you very much, kid. We are proud of you, son. Happy birthday to you!

8. We wish that the coming years will give you more success and happiness. Enjoy the last part of your childhood. Happy birthday, 10-year-old!

9. Three balloons with three wishes are my gift for your 10th birthday. The first one is for making this day memorable, the second one is for your happiness,

10. Enjoy the last year of being able to count your age using your fingers. Happy birthday dear.