Daughter in Law

6 Sweet Birthday Sms For Daughter In Law

1. We always dreamt of having a daughter-in-law who would understand us, love us and make the entire family spend time with us. In you, we got all that and a lot more. Happy birthday dear, we love you.

2. I’m wishing you nothing but fun. You are such a sweetie and really love you, Hun! You’re one of the best daughter-in-laws we could have dreamed we would get. Happy Birthday!

3. Your very presence adds joy and happiness to our lives. Our son loves you and so do we. Daughter-in-Law you’re fabulous and as sweet as can be! Happy Birthday!

4. We really hit it big when we got you for a daughter-in-law. You are sweet and so very kind. We are hooked on you! Happy Birthday!

5. Wishing you all the best things in life! Happy Birthday, dear daughter-in-law!

6. It’s time to celebrate – cut the cake, blow the candles, clap your hands, and dance with our son. Happy birthday, daughter-in-law!